Commercial Retaining Wall Cleaning Without Pressure Washing

Commercial Retaining Wall Washing

Commercial retaining wall cleaningRetaining walls whether practical or decorative add value to your commercial property or business. With constant exposure to the elements they accumulate dirt, algae, moss, mildew, fungus, lichen, streaks and stains. Nick’s Exterior Cleaning uses Soft-Washing technology to safely remove all signs of weathering from commercial retaining wall surfaces like wood, rock, stone, brick, concrete and more.

Soft-Wash cleaning is a completely safe and environmentally sound way to restore the beauty and functionality of your commercial retaining walls. We thoroughly prep and spray the wall with our eco-friendly Soft-Wash solution, where it seeps into cracks, crevices and pours to kill the moss and algae ruining the surface. All dirt and stains easily rinse away with no damage done to the retaining wall and the results will last for years!

Why use Soft-Wash to clean your commercial retaining wall?

  • Will not harm your retaining wall. Safer than pressure washing.
  • No-pressure application will not drive dirt deeper. Customized Soft-Wash solution does the work.
  • Soft-Wash solution is biodegradable and non-toxic. It will not harm plants or animals.
  • Soft-Washing technology is environmentally responsible, using less water and eco-friendly soap.
  • Results are reliable, long-lasting and guaranteed.

Nick’s Exterior Cleaning prides itself on customer satisfaction and safety. We take care to protect your plants and bushes and do a full clean-up before we leave. Our electric pumps are low-emission and quieter than gas so there’s little disruption to your business.

Nick’s Exterior Cleaning will return the appearance and functionality of your retaining walls to their former glory. We professionally wash all retaining wall surfaces using gentle, safe, long-lasting, environmentally friendly Soft-Washing technology.

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