Why does moss grow on your home's roof?

April 20th, 2020 in General

Maple Ridge and The Lower Mainland have mild coastal rainforest climates, meaning rain falls throughout the year here. With all that constant moisture, you need only add daylight and nutrient-rich organic material to create the perfect breeding ground for moss. All three of these ingredients are present on your roof.

Moss produces spores which are dispersed and carried by the wind to new places. When these spores land somewhere moist, they germinate. Once established, moss is also able to grow new plants quite easily from any separated pieces, allowing new colonies to sprout up in previously bare areas. This means moss falling off of overhanging branches onto your roof can start new growths. Or if you already have some moss growing on your roof, wind, rain or ice can cause pieces to break off and start growing in other locations.  

Moss can be quite damaging to your roof because it acts like a sponge and holds water. Excess water causes deterioration of underlying structures and cold snaps that cause water to freeze can do further damage by causing shingles to lift or pull apart. And springtime in Maple Ridge and The Lower Mainland is a high-energy growth period for moss. If there was ever a time to deal with it, now is it!

A roof moss removal specialist can make short work of roof moss without using harmful methods or chemicals. And they can ensure roof moss will not return for years.

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