Why choose a professional for your spring roof moss removal project?

March 20th, 2020 in General


Did you know that moss continues to grow over the winter, and that spring is a time of vigorous growth?  Any pieces of roof moss that get broken off and shifted by wind, rain or snow will anchor into their new location and grow new plants. All of these weather conditions are common in the Lower Mainland and can cause your whole roof to be covered in moss.

Moss is bad for roofs because it holds water which can cause deterioration of the underlying material. Freeze and thaw cycles cause shingles to lift and pull apart, making them less effective at protecting your house. 

Keeping moss from taking hold on your roof is an important step in maintaining the integrity of your house and keeping repair costs at bay. But is it a job anyone can do? Not having the right tools, equipment and expertise can make roof moss removal dangerous and more damaging to your roof.

Why hire a pro?

Tools and equipment. Professionals have tools made specifically for removing moss from roofs safely and effectively. They also utilize safety equipment when necessary to keep themselves, as well as your property free from harm.

Expertise. Use of tailored solutions effectively remove moss and prevent its return for years. This means less time cleaning for you and more time enjoying life.

Ease. Cleaning roofs is laborious and time consuming, not to mention cleaning up afterward. Professionals have expert knowledge which makes the process quick, efficient, and thorough. You can have peace-of-mind knowing everything is taken care of with one call.

Nick's Exterior Cleaning offers courteous, professional residential roof moss removal for homeowners in Maple Ridge, Langley and the lower mainland. Our low-pressure, eco-friendly, roof moss removal service is ready for your spring cleaning! Give us a call at 604-475-6610.

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